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Centralized Service for your Support Inquiries

Ready to start the digital transformation? Our support solutions for modern work scenarios are crafted around your most valuable asset: your employees!

We empower end-users with our support solutions while guiding them through every step of the transition with a convenient concept to optimize the usage of Microsoft 365 and Power Platform in your organization.

Isms Mockup SharePoint integration
Isms Mockup SharePoint integration

End-User Support within your Digital Transformation

Every technology is only as good as the user who manages it. Automated processes are shiny at first sight and the potential is obvious, but people need to be prepared and guided to use the full capabilities that modern tools offer. Our approach is to assist employees with a dedicated support that helps them in their daily business to increase adoption and usage.

Individual Support
Trust our experts who are available for your employees via email or hotline. We support with inquiries taken from daily business just as a correct printer set up or password reset. The scope will be defined within a close collaboration with our customers, so that expectations are set properly.
Open Ticket System

An online ticket system allows you to track user inquiries, create reports and take required actions. In a flexible model we can adapt an existing ticket system or implement our own environment into your infrastructure. There are two offers to choose from:

Subscription Model:
A predefined monthly ticket contingent allows you to manage expenses on a monthly basis, ensuring complete transparency and control over your budget.

Per-Ticket Model:
With an unlimited ticket contingent, you gain access to extensive assistance without worrying about fixed costs. Pay as you go, only for the tickets you utilize, and enjoy our comprehensive support whenever you need it.

Isms Mockup SharePoint integration
Isms Mockup SharePoint integration

Digital Office Hour

Some questions are complex and may need additional assistance. Digital Office Hours offer a private room for 1:1 questions and employees can directly engage with our experts. Even users that don´t want to share their technical challenges on a public place are reached through these dedicated sessions.

Tech Talks

This service focuses on your Power End Users who should operate as point of contact for a specific product or workflow in your organization. Tech Talks leverage the knowledge of our specialists and qualify your team with dedicated one hour community meetings. Every session is tailored to your needs and is also moderated by our team to monitor barriers or gaps. While defining the scope and meeting frequency, you gain full control over expenses.

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Digital Floorwalking & Field Service

We understand the importance of personalized assistance which is why we have built a service that offers exclusive time slots for your team members to access direct, proactive support- either online or onsite. Our experts will seamlessly integrate into your change management strategy, ensuring that the introduction of Microsoft 365 and Power Platform products meet with comprehensive support and guidance. Sometimes it’s about providing the right support at the right time to empower employees to overcome hurdles swiftly and continue their tasks with efficiency.

Isms Mockup SharePoint integration
Isms Mockup SharePoint integration

Microsoft 365 Support and Evergreen Community

A moderated community in Microsoft Teams or Viva Engage isn’t just about fostering collaboration- it’s a gateway to a culture of learning and mutual growth. We believe that dynamic community spaces fuel innovation and knowledge-sharing among employees which will help you educate your dedicated power users. Don’t let your users search for the latest feature updates or news- let us share on-point tips and tricks for Microsoft 365 and Power Platform.


For companies yet to embrace digitalization or modern collaboration tools, our tailored newsletter services are the perfect starting point. With our expertise, we’ll craft compelling CI aligned newsletters delivering the latest Microsoft 365 feature updates and tips and tricks directly to your audience’s inbox or any other communication channel. Your employees will love to use and adapt the learnings and will transfer knowledge across other teams.

Community Management

A moderated Microsoft Teams or Viva Engage community is a powerful way of guiding your teams through the digital transformation. Our approach focuses on creating a collaborative space where individuals can address their unique challenges directly to receive immediate assistance tapping into a wealth of collective knowledge and expertise. With a proactive editorial calendar that includes tips & tricks and product updates users are regularly equipped with the right tools to support adoption and productivity.

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An adequate learning environment is essential while digitally transform your internal work environment. Specific user groups may need tailored learning paths to easily access training videos that fit their line of business. With an integrated SharePoint Online train path employees can benefit from various on-demand how-to videos that educate users in the usage of Microsoft 365 products. Additionally, you can integrate a companywide Microsoft Teams learning application for seamless accessibility.

Microsoft Learnpath

Integrate ready-to-use videos into your individual learning path to support onboarding and sustainable training experiences.

Localized Learnpath

Benefit from professional videos that are available in German language which cover many Microsoft 365 scenarios and products like Teams, OneNote or Planner. All videos can be individually build based on work area or role type.

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Any Questions?

Still haven’t found the answers to your questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly via mail or any other channel. We would be delighted to give you more insights into our GESS support portfolio to talk about a potential collaboration.

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Your point of contact for all questions around our know-how, extensive network and services within the Global Event and Support Solutions