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Global Events – memorable event management

Global Events not only represent event management. The integration of individual automated processes in combination with exceptional concepts let your events stand out against others and attendees will remember you and your product- whether online or in-person.

Isms Mockup SharePoint integration
Isms Mockup SharePoint integration

Strategic and Innovative Event Concepts

Every event is a unique opportunity to convey your personal message and to strengthen the relation to your attendees. Several aspects must be considered prior to start orchestrating the event logistics and this often does not get the right attention.

Imagine you have a collaboration partner who helps you defining the concept from A-Z? Our holistic approach does include various key factors like budgeting, marketing or sales strategies so that you only need to decide which idea you want to pursue with.

Isms Mockup SharePoint integration
Isms Mockup SharePoint integration

Inspiring Event Logistics

Common situation: An outlook calendar invite pops up but you can’t remember what event you have registered for. Whenever this happens it is probably because the concept behind this event is either insufficient or there is no obvious concept attached to it at all. An exceptional event strategy helps integrating the attendees prior to the meeting and people will be ready when they are invited to join.

Our motivation is to create events that go beyond the conventional, infusing each moment with excitement and also fun experiences. A first-class communication concept, individual marketing activities, a strong social media appearance, specific goodies as well as a personalized assistance are essential assets to build unforgettable moments for your attendees.

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Event Support – In Person or Online

Whether online, in-person or hybrid: The event success depends on a perfect combination of various elements. Why don’t you trust a team of experts, who act as a central force guiding all activities prior to the event, ensuring that every move is precisely on track with the envisioned plan on the day of the event?

Rely on our experienced specialists to achieve what’s most relevant to all of us: enthusiastic attendees who are excited to learn more and are keen to attend again.

Isms Mockup SharePoint integration

Process optimization with modern technology

Event planning is time-consuming and often it ends up in administrating many tools manually while you also need to handle registrations and communications. Why don´t you combine effective event management with modern technology to automate processes that will allow you to be more interactive, vivid and efficient? Microsoft 365 and Power Platform not only are catalysts for streamlined processes- embedded technology will also transform how your team and attendees are involved in the storyline.

Our solutions optimize workflows to support sustainable event management. We utilize tools that can be adapted transparently throughout the entire event journey.

Any Questions?

Still haven’t found the answers to your questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly via mail or any other channel. We would be delighted to give you more insights into our GESS support portfolio to talk about a potential collaboration.

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